A Simple Drill to Improve Catching and Balance

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity is extremely simple and works on catching, balance, fitness and strength.

Start with two cones two yards apart with a keeper in between them.  A server stands 10 yards away with a ball in his hands

To start the keeper stands between the two cones and catches balls played between the cones and between the head and knees.  This is done for one minute

Next the keeper does the same thing but each time he catches the ball he has to go around one of the cones

After this is done for 1 minute, the keeper does 1 minute while standing between the two cones but this time, he must stand on his right foot only.  He must maintain his balance the whole time and make sure he is able to keep his body behind the ball.

After doing this for one minute, he does the same thing but this time on his left foot only.

Next he does the going around a cone after each catch but this time must do it on his right foot only.

Next he does the same thing on his left foot only.

There are no breaks between each set so it’s 6 minutes straight of work.  This will give the keeper a nice little workout while helping them with balance, strength, fitness and catching

Have a great day!


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