Anaerobic 4v4 Small-Sided Game

Here is a 4 v 4 game working on target player and transition while giving a nice anaerobic workout.

This activity uses half a field with a full sized goal and a keeper in goal. Two players start in the D and 3 yellow and 3 black players start at midfield. A coach starts at midfield with a ball.

The coach calls either “yellow” or “black” and whichever color he calls is the attacking team. In the example below, he calls “black” and the black target player checks back to receive the ball and the yellow player defends

The players at midfield join in with the yellow players trying to get back to defend and the black players trying to get into the attack

The target player can lay the ball off, or he can turn and shoot or he can play the ball wide. Play continues until a goal or scored or the ball goes out of play or until the defending team wins the ball.

The players would then sprint back and start again (having two groups is ideal as one works and the other rests and recovers).

You also can add a counter attack goal so now, if the defending team wins the ball they try to score in the other goal.


You can also add a second target player from each team and also have players joining in from different angles but however you do it, if you play this at full speed it’s a wonderful workout in a game environment

Have a great day!


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