A Great Exercise For Improving Footwork and Catching

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity deals with footwork and catching.

Start with a keeper in a goal made up of flags or cones and a server with a ball 12 yards away with a ball.  On an angle from each post are three cones 1 yard apart.

The server starts by striking a ball for the keeper to save.  The keeper makes the save and then returns the ball to the server

The keeper then sprints around the cones to his left and then comes back to the goal.

The server then plays another ball and they do the same thing with the ball being returned and the sprint goes to the right

This is done 10 times in each direction.

Next do the same thing but the keeper must slalom through the cones when going away from the goal.

Do this 10 times in each direction.

There are other variations (hopping, going up for a high ball between each cones, etc) and it allows for you to work on quick footwork, catching and some fitness as well

Have a great day!


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