Three Goalkeepers - Attacking the Ball

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity involves three keepers and works on attacking the ball, movement, shot blocking and distribution.

Start with two keepers 30 yards apart and the third keeper is in the middle.  There are two cones making up a 6 yard goal in the middle.  One of the keepers on the outside starts with a ball.

The keeper with the ball (2) shoots and tries to score between the two cones.  Keeper 1 makes the save

Keeper 2 then turns, rolls the ball to keeper 3 and runs backwards to where keeper 2 started.  Keeper 2 follows his shot and takes on the role of the next keeper

As soon as keeper 3 gets the ball he takes one touch and shoots on keeper 2.

This is a quick moving activity which allows three keepers to work on many things in a short period of time

Have a great day!


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