Dealing With Crosses

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on receiving crosses, footwork and distribution.

Start with two keepers in goal and a server wide on each side with a ball.

One server starts by lofting a ball beyond the far post and the keeper assigned to that side gets back and catches the ball..

Once the keeper catches the ball, he quickly sets himself and distributes the ball back to the server.  The intention is for the ball to get back to the server in a way that makes it as easy as possible for the server to receive the ball with their feet.

As soon as that is done, the server on the other side plays a lofted ball and the same thing happens from the other side.

After a set number of serves (depending upon time constraints, number of keepers etc) the keepers would change sides.

Next you can add an opponent in for each side to add opposition.

The one concern with this activity is to not have the keepers do too much throwing of the ball.  Have them do 10 or so, at the most to each side and after that, let them roll the ball or kick the ball to the server.

Have a great day!


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