Playing and Receiving a Long Ball

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on playing a long ball, receiving a long ball, dribbling toward goal, shooting, goalkeeping and fitness

Start with two small line of players on one sideline (one line with balls), 30-40 yards from goal.

Opposite them is another line of players.  A keeper is in goal.

The first player with a ball drives a ball cross field to the first player in the opposite line.

As soon as the ball is played, the first player in the defending line (in this example, wearing yellow) sprints to defend.

The player who receives the ball attacks the goal and shoots as soon as they can.

The players rotate so the passer goes to the defending line, the defender goes to the receiving line and the receiver goes to the passing line.

The reason for having both a passing line and a defending line, as opposed to having the passer defend is if the passer defends, there is an incentive to make a bad pass to make it easier to defend.

Another option is once the ball is played the passer joins the receiver and they play 2 v 1 to goal.

This is a fun activity that works on a lot of aspects of passing, receiving, dribbling, defending, shooting and goalkeeping.

Have a great day!


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