Combinations For Crosses

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter. Today’s featured activity involves a 4 person combination for a cross and finish.

Start with 2 players on the end line and 2 players 40 yards out.  The sets of players are 5 yards apart.  There is a keeper in goal.

The 2 players on the end line check back to the ball in a staggered manner (this means one starts before the other

The ball gets played in hard toward the first runners feet and he dummies the ball through to the second player

The first runner spins off and starts a far post run. The passer overlaps the other midfielder and the other midfielder goes toward the ball

The ball gets played back to the second midfielder who then plays the ball into the corner for the overlapping runner

The three players without the ball make runs to get into the box and the ball gets served for a first time finish


As soon as this is done, a group would do the same from the other side.  If you have 16 field players you can have 4 groups of 4 and they could keep this rotation going.

There are many possible variations to this type of a combination activity but the keep is to keep it tight and quick moving.

Have a great day!


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