Technical Training Including Sprints

A common (and simple) passing activity would be a 5 or 6 person passing activity with one touch passing between two lines and a sprint after each pass.

Done at full speed this can be used to work on passing as well as some fitness.

We can also add in some agility to this activity by adding three cones to one side.

The first person on that side starts to the side of the cones which are 2 feet apart.

The ball gets played to the first person who one touches the ball back.

The player then jumps sideways over each cone (so 3 quick jumps) and the ball gets played to the other side of the cones.

The original passer sprints to the back of the other line and the “jumper” one touches the ball back and then follows the pass to the back of the opposite line.

The next two in line then do the same thing.

This continues for a set period of time (anywhere from 2-5 minutes depending upon the type of workout you want to do

Other options would include one legged hopping, front to back hopping etc.

This is yet another example of how you can take a simple activity and build other types of conditioning into it with just a little bit of creativity

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