Shot Blocking and Distribution

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity is a group warm up and works on shot blocking, distribution and a little bit of movement.

This a 4 keeper activity with one keeper in “goal”, two keepers 20 yards wide on angles and a fourth keeper starting as the server.

The server starts with a ball at his feet and shoots at the keeper and follows his shot.

The keeper makes the save and then distributes out to one of the players out wide and follows the pass.

The player out wide receives the ball with his feet, dribbles to the middle and becomes the next server.

The players have now switched responsibilities so the original server is now the keeper. The keeper is now out wide and the player who was out wide now is the server.

The same thing is done in the opposite direction so the ball gets shot the keeper makes the save and distributes to the other side etc.

Keep the activity going with the shots being hit so they are able to be saved.  Each player would get a few chances as a server, a keeper and out wide.

Have a great day!


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