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1v1 to Two Goals For Velocity

By Anthony Hazelwood The following activity triggers players to perform a speed reaction activity. It includes velocity reaction and linear sprinting actions to the ball. The metabolic training adaptations are meant for speed production. The time of action for each repetition should be around 5 to 12 seconds’ max and the resting period for each

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Possession for Scoring Training Session One

By Steven Smith Possession of the ball is an essential element for game domination. However, in the modern game a team can possess the ball for long periods of time or a majority of the game and not be successful in winning the game. The team must be effective in their possession and it must result

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Coach Goalscoring Chances, Not Scoring

By Waleed Zaghloul

A team that creates a lot of scoring chances in a variety of different ways is usually a sign of a well-coached team. On the other hand, a team that puts away its chances is usually a sign of good players. So as a coach, you are responsible for defining how your team will create chances and which of the following methods they need to utilize against a specific opponent. The coach needs to build his team’s arsenal of attack and make sure that they can score in a variety of different ways, otherwise the team will be easily shutout by superior teams.

Wing Play and Crosses

For years, wing play has been a very important and entertaining way for teams to create chances and score goals. Players like David Beckham became famous operating on the flank for Manchester United, Real Madrid and England. Developing a good winger requires finding a player that has a combination of important attributes.

A good winger must have very good physical attributes. The winger needs to have

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