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Involvement of the number 6 during the build-up

By Philip Joe Cauchi Introduction: Within a system of play, constructing an attack occurs mainly in two major ways; short constructive build-up through the thirds or by-passing the midfield through direct play. In this article we are going to look at the number six or the defensive midfielder’s role in the build-up phase. The defensive

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By Josh Jones-Keen -

As the game evolves so does the pressure on goal keepers. Not only do they have to keep the ball out of the net but they now have to act as a very deep lying play maker, starting plays from the back. This session works on the techniques involved in doing so and gives the opportunity for the keepers to link back in with the rest of the squad after the technical practice.

Technical Warm Up


Two goal keepers are positioned around the 6 yard box. With two servers out wide of the 18-yard box.

The servers play the ball in along the floor and the

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Throwin’ & Rollin’

By Jason Stockmann -

As most US-based coaches should be aware of by now, the USYS has released some major changes that will be mandated as of the Fall 2017 season*. These changes are US-based, but it’s important for soccer in general because it is meant to further align the US with how the rest of the world plays the beautiful game. And whether you agree with them or not…the changes will happen.

One subtle but key change is the idea of build-out lines for the U9/U10 (7v7) age group (there are no keepers below U9 with these changes). This line is set a bit outside of the penalty box and restricts the opposing team from crossing it until the keeper has put the ball into play, by passing or throwing the ball to their team. Because of this idea, punting will not be allowed at this level.

This can be a major – and possibly painful – change for youth US teams…but the benefits a team can gain both at the youth level and far beyond could be great. Too often youth goalies get the ball and immediately punt the ball. And why do they rely on punting? Because if the ball is closer to the goal, it must be easier to

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Incorporating Keepers

By Josh Jones-Keen -

Incorporating Keepers in sessions can be tough. Most grassroots coaches have limited Keeper experience or might not have the resources available to provide Keepers separate coaching opportunities. Likewise it is becoming more and more important for Keepers to be comfortable with the ball and their feet and to be able to create attacks with varied passing. Training as a whole team can really help understanding and build great relationships between Keepers and the rest of the

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Building from the Defensive to Middle Third of the Field

Building from the Defensive to Middle Third of the Field By Chris Kouns These activities are designed to help your players understand “some” of the options that will be available to build from the back and get your team into positive attacking positions heading into the final third of the field. Activity 1: 3 v

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Build Up Play Through Quick Passing

This weeks posts is from the May edition of WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine that is available exclusively to Member Drills Database subscribers. The training session was contributed by Kevin Thelwell who is the Head of Football Development and Recruitment for Wolverhampton Wanderers. Reed has been working with professional clubs for more than 13 years. He

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