Switching Play Drill

By Arthur Bell -

Area – 30yds x 20yds.
Players x 18.
Mannequins x 2.
Markers x 4.
Balls x 2.

Both groups start at the same time, at the same end.
Player 1 passes the ball to Player 2.
Player 1 runs between the mannequins towards player 2.

Player 2 lays off the ball to Player 1.
Player 2 runs to the next position.
Player 1 passes to player 3.

Player 3 receives, and switches play to Player 4.
Player 4 receives, and plays ball back to the start, then joins that group.

Movement pattern of the ball.

Movement pattern of players and ball.

1. Players have a maximum of two touches.
2. The diagonal pass is lofted.
3. The diagonal pass is driven.

By Arthur Bell

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