Soccer Agility – 4 Cone 1/4 Ladder Drill

Changing direction and foot speed are essential in the game of soccer.  There are numerous times where a player must use these skills to quickly distribute a pass or run for a 50/50 challenge. Here is an exercise that will help with foot speed and change of direction: 4 Cone 1/4 Ladder Drill.

To allow the athlete to practice good form, through a variety of skills (directions).

Coaching Cues:
Keep hips square and to the front the entire time.
Balls of feet - off the mark.
Hands cheek to cheek.
Quick feet through ladder.

Week 1: Athlete will run forward (4m), 2 feet laterally through 1/4 ladder, then sprint forwards (4m)
Week 2 same as week one.
Week 3: Athlete will run forward (4m), 2 feet laterally through 1/4 ladder, run backwards (4m) then sprint forward (8m).
Week 4: Same as week three.
Process is repeated for each side.

Athletic Focus
This exercise is an advanced level multi-directional agility drill. Through the combination of foot speed and change of direction, the drill is more specific to soccer. It is important to incorporate this drill after performing entry level drills to ensure the athlete understands how various movements are performed and technique is maintained.

Click here to watch a video of this drill.

Stewart Briggs, BHMS, M.Ed., C.S.C.S, PSP
Managing Director at Acceleration

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