Positioning and Shot Blocking

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on positioning and shot blocking.

This activity is a long shot/short shot sequence that forces the keeper to react based on location and position themselves accordingly.

The keeper starts in goal and there are two lines of balls.  One line is around 15 yards from goal and the other line is 22-25 yards from goal.  The server starts just outside the far line.

The server shoots the first ball from the far line and the keeper makes the save.  This should be a relatively easy save and the keeper should be able to make it by staying back.

As soon as the server shoots the first ball he sprints to the first ball in the other line.  The keeper is going to have to come forward to cut off the angle.

The server shoots and the keeper must make this quick save as well

The server then goes back to the further line and does the same thing.

This is an excellent way for the keeper to realize the different angles depending upon distance from the goal and how far out they have to be from goal in order to make the save.

The transition from the far shot to the short shot is quick but there is no hurry to the next long shot.

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