Reading and Anticipating Shots

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on reading the game and anticipating shots.

When training keepers we frequently put them in a situation where they know a shot is coming.  In many cases, not only do they know when the shot is coming but also from where.  To allow the keeper to work on this we can play a 4 v 4 (any numbers really would work) possession game using the width of the 6 as one set of boundaries and the penalty spot to the top of the D as the other set of boundaries.  A keeper is in goal.

Whichever team has the ball must make 3 consecutive passes and at that point they can shoot.

If the other team wins the ball, they must make 3 passes and then they can shoot.

If the keeper makes the save, the ball gets played to the non shooting team and they try for their three consecutive passes and then a shot.

To have even more shooting, add a neutral player who is always on offense.

This game will force the keeper to constantly readjust their positioning, be prepared for a shot at any time and really learn to read the game.

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