Integrating Technical and Tactical Training Into Conditioning Workouts

While it would be wonderful if we could focus all of our time in training on technical and tactical parts of the game, the reality is additional fitness work is important. The key is whenever possible, try to integrate either technical or tactical aspects into your fitness work.

Below is an example of how you can use plyometrics and incorporate quick one and two touches into the activity to get the best of all worlds

Plyometrics usually involve short quick jumps to improve quickness, explosiveness and to decrease the likelihood of injury. One way to look at plyometrics is they wont make much of an impact on your time in the one mile run but potentially can make a major impact on your first step and since you have a whole lot more first steps than you do one mile runs, they are extremely valuable.

Start with a line 18-20 yards with 2 cones 3 yards apart 5 yards in front of the line. A server has a ball 10 yards from the cones and the players line up on the other side of the line.

The first player in line starts by doing small slalom jumps (small side to side jumps while facing forward and moving down the line). As soon as the player gets to the end of the line, he sprints between the cones and receives a pass to his feet from the server. The player must one touch the ball back to the server and then slide to the side and sprint backwards to the starting point

As the first person is halfway down the line (going forward) the second person would begin.

Once done this would be the end of the first part of the set (there are a total of 10 parts to a set). All 10 parts are listed below

Slalom jumps back and forth down the line. Small quick jumps
Knees to chest maximum height jumping down the line.
Facing the line, jumping back and forth doing as many as possible moving quickly down the line.
Same as #3 but facing other direction.
Hop on right foot going down the line. Go for maximum height
Same as #5 but hop on other foot.
Long jump down the line. Go for maximum distance. Feet must stay together the whole time
Lunge walk down the line
Slalom run. Long stride, arc and jump. Must be fluid.
Sprint down the line

The server can vary the serves so sometimes it’s a simple ball played to feet, other times it might be a tossed ball for an inside of the foot volley, or a tossed ball for a header etc.

The group would do a total of 3 sets of these plyometrics with an emphasis on technique (technique in terms of making sure each part of the plyometrics is done properly as well as making sure the ball touches at the end are done properly).

This is a great activity to work on fitness (it might not seem difficult but give it a try sometime), explosiveness training, strength building and technical touches.

Have a great day!


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