Ways to Work On Ball Handling Activities

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s article will show some ways to work on ball handling activities.

The reason for this topic is I recently ran the goalkeeping section of a camp and was surprised at how uncomfortable the keepers were with the ball.  Sure they could catch a ball thrown or kicked at them but simple things such as catching a ball with one hand, catching a ball in an awkward position etc was something they simply couldn’t do.  This isn’t due to bad training but rather the keepers not spending enough time with a ball in their hands.

These are two person activities with 2 balls.  The keepers start 5 yards apart and can move closer as they become more comfortable with the activities.

The black keeper tosses the ball chest height to the yellow keeper and the yellow keeper tosses the ball waist height to the black keeper.  It’s important for both keepers to toss the ball at the same time in order for each to be able to catch the other ball

Each of these activities are done for 1 minute periods.

Next the keepers change roles (so the black keeper tosses waist height and the yellow keeper tosses chest height).

Next both keepers hold a ball in their right hands.  The keepers now have a catch throwing from right hand to the other keepers left hand and then from left hand to the other keepers right hand.  Again, both balls should be in the air at the same time.  This is done with underhand tosses

Next is the same thing but this time the balls are tossed overhand and caught overhand as well.  The keepers might need to step closer to do this one.

Next one player bounces the ball to the other player who makes a chest pass back.

Next the two keepers would switch roles between the bounce pass and the chest pass.

Next one keeper roles the ball to the other keeper while the other keeper tosses a high ball.  After one minute they would switch roles.

Next each keeper would “punt” the ball in the air for the other one to receive.

There are many other variations for this activity with the main limitation being your creativity.  The key here is to have the keepers work on catching balls and being used to balls coming from different angles, different positions and with them having to catch balls in ways differently than they might do in a regular catching activity.

Give this a try and let me know what you think.

Have a great day!


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