Explosiveness, Agility and Ball Skills

Here is a simple activity that works on explosiveness, agility and ball skills.

Start with 4 hurdles (height can vary depending upon the player but 1-2 feet high work fine) spaced in a line 1 yard  apart.  The players starts behind the last hurdle and there are 2 servers 5 yards from the first hurdle each slightly off to the side.  The servers each have  a ball.

The player starts by jumping over the first hurdle then quickly slides to his right and receives a pass from the server.

He passes the ball back one touch and then slides to the other side and receives a pass from the other server.

After returning that pass one touch he slides back to the middle jumps over the hurdle and does the same in the other direction.

This continues all the way down the line (you can also add more hurdles to make this more difficult).

This can be repeated working on different skills (headers, volleys, two touch passing etc).

There are many other options to this so your greatest limitation on this will be your creativity.

Combining work on explosiveness, agility and skills is a great way to get a lot done in a short period of time.

Have a great day!


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