Attacking and Defending the Overlap

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today's featured activity works on attacking with an overlap as well as defending the overlapping run.

Start with a keeper in goal and two attackers and one defender.  The attackers are around 35 yards from goal to start and the ball starts with the middle player.


The player with the ball passes to his teammate who then dribbles at the defender.  The player who made the pass overlaps the player with the ball.


The player with the ball has the option of passing the ball to the overlapping runner who hits a shot or can keep the ball and go to goal themselves.

This decision will be made based on the actions of the defender.  If the defender stays with the dribbler, the pass would be the logical choice


If the defender goes with the runner, the player with the ball keeps the ball and goes to goal


This is not a possession game and the attacking players must understand they are too go at full speed.  If the defending player can slow down the attack they win.

With a team of 16, these groups of 3's can go one right after the other and by the time they get back, it will be their turn to go again.

Next you can do the same thing but this time with two defenders. If the attackers are willing to go at speed, they can be just as successful as if there is only one defender

This is a great way to prepare a team to both attack and defend at speed.  Give it a try and you will see what I mean.

Have a great day!


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