Dribbling and Taking Players On

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today's featured activity works on dribbling and taking players on.

Start with your team in a 30 x 30 grid (smaller if you don't have a full team available) with half the players with balls and the other half without.


The players with balls are dribbling at half speed and the players without balls are jogging.

The players with balls make eye contact with a player without a ball and then dribble right at them. The player with the ball does a move, beats the defender (who is providing token pressure) and then moves on to find the next player to beat.  The defenders want to put just enough pressure on the player with the ball to make it game related but are not trying to win the ball.  This is done for a one minute period and then the players switch roles and the players who didn't have balls now are the dribblers and the players who did have the balls are now the defenders.

After each group has a turn, they repeat but now the dribblers are at full speed.  Again, the defenders just provide token pressure.  Each group gets a one minute turn on offense.

Next the dribblers stay at full speed but now the defenders put additional pressure on them.  The defenders still aren't trying to win the ball but are making the attackers work hard to beat them.

In a 6 minute period, the players get a lot of touches on the ball, work on moves, acceleration, fitness and are now ready to move on in their training.  This is a great warm up activity for players of all ages.

Have a great day!


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