Using Space and Moving Without the Ball

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on using space, moving without the ball, finding the runner, communication and defending.

Start with a 40 x 40 grid with a 10 x 10 area in the middle

This is a simple possession game.  In this example we will use 6 v 6 but the numbers can vary.

Teams earn points multiple ways.  They get a point for 5 consecutive passes to their own team.  They also get a point for any pass made to a player inside the 10 x 10 area.

As an example, in the sequence below the black team gets 3 points.

They get 1 point for making 5 consecutive passes and 2 points for the two passes to a player in the 10 x 10 area.

The third way to earn points is to pass the ball into the 10 x 10 area to a player making a run into the area.  This results in 3 passes

The reason this type of pass earns more points is we want to encourage players to start wide and then make runs into space and for players on the ball to look to pass to players who are moving.  One thing to emphasize is we aren’t looking for a player to stand just outside the 10 x 10 area and have him step into the area to receive the ball and the 3 points.  The objective here is to have the players use the space out wide and then make runs.

Defensively, the players must communicate to try to keep the ball out of the middle and look to trap players into corners.

This is a fun possession game that works on many more aspects of the game.

Have a great day!


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