The Day Before a Game

There are times that I'll have a practice on a Thursday when the team has a Friday game. This is a session that comes from our Brazilian Academy Journal that I have used. It provides a relaxed environment where the players can have some fun and express themselves. The small-sided games give the players a chance to rehearse how they want to play in the upcoming match.

The team divides into two groups of eight.  Six players form a large circle and keep a ball away from two defenders in the middle of the circle.

Dodge Ball
The team divided in two and play a fun game of dodge ball for 30 minutes.  They do this as a fun way to warm-up and prepare for the session.

The players do a series of abdominal exercises following the game.

Half-Field Game
10 of the first team players in dark attack a goal defended by six players in white shirts and a goalkeeper.  The attacking team plays with a central diamond shape.

The attackers attempt to win the ball and attack the goal.  The defending team works to win the ball back and score by dribbling or passing the ball through one of two goals at the halfway line.

Two additional defenders are added to put more pressure on the attacking team and make it more difficult to score.

The game is interspersed with rest periods to deliver shots from fouls, from the flanks and from shots in front of goal.

7 v 7
The first team players divide into two teams of seven plus goalkeepers.  The players are allowed to play freely without restriction.

Crossing and Finishing
The players from the B team and the test players do a crossing and finishing exercise while the first team played the half-field games.

A player crosses to the far-post area from the left flank.  Two attackers attempt to score from the cross while a goalkeeper tries to prevent them from scoring.

The exercises is repeated from the right flank.

Next, each player takes a turn dribbling down the center and shooting from outside of the box.

So what do you do with your teams if you have a practice the day before a match?

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