Team Shape and Ball Circulation

By Renato Lopez Moreira - 

This 2 v 2 + 6 game is an excellent way to work on team shape and ball circulation for teams playing a 2-4-2 formation in a 9 v 9 game.

The game is played in a 15 x 12-yards area. Each player is limited to playing two touch. Five consecutive passes are worth one point. The game is played for 10 minutes or to a certain number of points.



The two central players in possession work with the surrounding neutral players to circulate the ball away from the pressure.


The neutral players work with the team who has possession. The Defenders try to win the ball and keep possession.

As soon as one of the Defenders intercepts and maintain possession he immediately must pass the ball to one of his teammates to start counting passes.


The Defenders, who are now Attackers, and the Attackers, who are now Defenders, continue the exercise until the end of the game.

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  • Vary the initial number of players
  • Limit the number of ball touches per player, accelerating or slowing the pace of game
  • Change the number of passes necessary to receive a point
  • Vary the game area dimensions

By Renato Lopez Moreira - Author of Training Sessions for the 4-3-3

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