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Two shadow strikers playing between lines

By Alex Trukan Playing with two shadow strikers behind number 9 offers a lot of attacking possibilities. First of all, when going forwards, it offers an overload against two centre backs (opposition has to play three CB’s or one CDM dropping deeper to match up and track). When creating the attack on the opposition’s half,

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Movements Towards the Ball from Number 9 and 10

By Alex Trukan When playing against opposition who restrict space in the central areas well, it might be hard for central midfielders (6 & 8) to get on the ball without pressure and play forwards. One of the ways to overload these areas and build up play might be to have players in more advanced positions

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Striker's Movements to Support Midfield Play

By Alex Trukan Recent years has seen a rise in formations and styles of play overloading midfield areas and getting away from the traditional role of number ‘9’, replacing it with a ‘false 9’ and formations like 1-4-6-0. That has pointed many coaches’ attention to possible alternative roles strikers can have. One of the more

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Functional Training for Strikers and Attacking Midfielders: Short Sprints, Quick Turns and Finishing on Goal

By Justin Cresser

As mentioned several weeks back in our article entitled ‘Functional Training of The Centre Midfielder’, every so often we will present position-specific conditioning exercises. Today’s article focuses on strikers and attacking midfielders.

One of the most difficult tasks for any team is breaking down defenses in the attacking third of the field. In this area, defenses tend to be very compact and defending players more often than not will outnumber their attacking opponents. Strikers are marked very closely, and are immediately closed down as soon as they receive balls. As such, players in this position have to be very

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