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Striker dropping between the lines

By Philip Joe Cauchi When a striker drops between the lines, questions arise for the defender concerned. Should the defender follow the striker? Or, should the defender remain inside his/her zone of responsibility? If the defender follows the striker, a gap is created in the defence unit which the attacking team might be able to

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Number 9s movements towards their own half

By Alex Trukan Number 9’s position is usually associated with playing as high as possible and looking to threaten centre backs at all times. With the emergence of a ‘false nine’ position and its’ benefits, even the traditional type number 9’s became more flexible and looking to receive deeper into the centre of the pitch.

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Supporting the Striker

Small-Sided Game - Supporting the Striker By Sean Pearson Area: 45x30yards Players: 10 Teams: 2 Length: 20-25mins This game has 3 zones. 2 end zones (10x30) and a middle zone (25x30). 1 striker and 1 defender allowed in each end zone and the defender must stay behind the striker. Everyone else in the middle zone. Each

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