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Why Pressing Needs to Include Everyone

By Soren Schamberg The second most commonly heard phrase at a youth soccer field (coming behind by a distance to “shoot”) is “press”. But pressing is more than just players putting pressure on the opponent with the ball. For a proper press, everyone in the immediate effective vicinity must do it. This is demonstrated well

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Slow the Opposition Build Up

By Soren Schamberg When playing without the ball, finding the most effective position to keep the opponents from passing between the lines is important…and a challenge. Done correctly, this can stop even some of the most dynamic teams from advancing the ball during their attack. Using the term “shadow” speaks to exactly that, the space

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By Søren Schamberg - Being able to play out of pressure anywhere on the field is essential in both creating space and moving the ball up the field efficiently. This exercise creates situations to demand movement, communication and awareness to improve players abilities to get out of pressing situations. To set up, create a 10

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