Move the Opponent's Defense to Create Scoring Opportunities - Part 2

By Soren Schamberg

Brentford vs. Wolves - 1/22/2022 - See Part 1 Here

Wolves second goal again utilizes the right channel in its build up and again finishes in the half space, proving how dangerous leaving these areas exposed can be.



Derdoncker again makes a run into the right corner for Wolves and again the ball is played back but this time to Podence who makes a well weighted pass to the byline for Semedo to run on to. Semedo delivers the ball into the 18 but it runs to the other side where it is controlled by Rayan Aït-Nouri, played square to Moutinho and then passed in front of Neves who is given time to take a touch and place his shot inside the near post.

While Brentford did score a goal from a set piece (a very fine volley might I add) the front foot Wolves played on allowed them to have more control of the game and impose their abilities in the areas that mattered - in the wide channels and in front of goal.

By Soren Schamberg

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