Games Are Won and Lost in Transition - Part Two

By Soren Schamberg

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Transitions are where games of football can be won and lost. Coaches are familiar with the four phases of a game - 1.) Attacking with the Ball 2.) Losing the Ball 3.) Defending without the ball and 4.) Winning the ball back. There are two additional phases coaches may not be familiar with and those are - About to lose the ball and About to win the ball back.

It's in these two additional phases where a well drilled, front footed side can take advantage of a less sharp opponent.

Let's take a look at the second example.

The second example comes shortly after in the 57th minute.

RB Leipzig is attacking City's defensive third, and at the top of the 18 yard box the ball is won back and quickly transitioned out with a pass wide to an oncoming City midfielder.

The midfielder begins to the bring the ball up the field, and is tackled from behind by a Leipzig player incurring a yellow card to stop the attack.

While a typical move and not resulting in a goal directly, this passage of play saw the Leipzig player get his first of two yellow's resulting in his ejection of the game later on.

Again, not resulting directly in a goal, but had the Leipzig player had been more aware they were about to lose the ball, he could have been positioned better, to possibly intercept the outbound pass and avoid having to make a yellow card tackle to stop City’s build up.

By Soren Schamberg

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