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Different Scoring Methods

Small-Sided games are a great training tool used by most coaches. Most of the small-sided games I see used require each team to score in the same way.

Games like the ones below from Coaching Soccer Through Small-Sided Games are used by coaches at every level, all around the world.

The standard small-sided game has two teams playing on a small field between two goals.


This type of game will give each player more

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Winter Outdoor Training

With more and more turf soccer fields being installed around the country an increasing number of coaches are training their teams outdoor during the winter months. This provides a great opportunity to continue to focus on playing 'Real Soccer' when we used to be limited to practicing and playing small indoor versions of the game.

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Corner Kicks, Free Kicks & Counter-Attacks

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on corner kicks, free kicks and counter attacks.  This is an interesting way to work on dead ball situations while incorporating other aspects of the game of soccer. There are other variations such as these in the book Brazilian Soccer Coaching: Learn How to Train Technically Superior and Tactically Intelligent Players Training the Brazilian Way

This is a regular 11 v 11 scrimmage (or less numbers depending upon how many you have available).  One team starts on offense and takes 10 corner kicks from one side.  Players line up as they would in a regular game.

The attacking team (in this case the black team) makes it’s normal runs trying to score while

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