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Using Small-Sided Games

Presenting your players with many different small-sided game environments is a great way to keep them thinking and adapting to the format of the game. If you choose the format carefully you can put the emphasis of the game on just about any area of the game that you've been working on in training .


We have three different books that I look to for new ideas when it comes to small-sided games. One of them is 'Coaching Soccer Champions'. The author, Terry Michler, is the winningest high school coach in the country. He's been the Head Coach

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Winter Outdoor Training

With more and more turf soccer fields being installed around the country an increasing number of coaches are training their teams outdoor during the winter months. This provides a great opportunity to continue to focus on playing 'Real Soccer' when we used to be limited to practicing and playing small indoor versions of the game.

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Different Coaching and Teaching Methods

This is the second part of an article that will appear in the October issue of WORLD CLASS COACHING that is available to Member Drills Database subscribers. Here is a link to the first part that was in our Coaching Advanced Players blog post last week. This is the way a session would be organized

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