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This is the second part of an article that will appear in the October issue of WORLD CLASS COACHING that is available to Member Drills Database subscribers. Here is a link to the first part that was in our Coaching Advanced Players blog post last week.

This is the way a session would be organized using the progressive method taught by US Youth Soccer.

Up, Back and Through
The passes and runs follow the pattern inthe diagram with each through ball being laid off to a supporting player for another through ball. The final player dribbles through a set of flags before passing back to the start of the line.

Phase of Play
6 v 5 + GK
Six attacking players combine to get behind five defensive players. The attacking team is encouraged to use the patterns established in the previous exercise.

Endzone Game
Six players for each team work to play a through ball for an attacking player to run on to in the endzone.

The players are limited to two touches in their defending half and unlimited touches in the attacking half.

There are three methods of scoring: dribbling or pass into the endzone or complete ten passes.

After a goal the coach quicky plays a ball to th other team to force a quick transition.

Small-Sided Game
The session ends with a 9 v 9 game where the coach evaluates whether or not the players have learned from the exercises.

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Member Drills Database subscribers should check out the October edition of WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine for the organization of this session using a Whole / Part / Whole methodology.

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