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Training Creativity Out of Our Kids

Training skillful creative soccer players has been a passion of mine since I began coaching almost 25 years ago. There is nothing more enjoyable or rewarding than seeing young players gain confidence in their ability with the ball at their feet. I also look at this as an educational experience that extents beyond the soccer field.

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Different Coaching and Teaching Methods

This is the second part of an article that will appear in the October issue of WORLD CLASS COACHING that is available to Member Drills Database subscribers. Here is a link to the first part that was in our Coaching Advanced Players blog post last week. This is the way a session would be organized

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Should Coaches Appeal for Decisions in Youth Soccer?

Every weekend you can go to a soccer complex and stand in between the fields while games are being played and just wait. It won't take long and you'll hear, "Heeeeyyy!" or "Refereeeee!" It's not coming from the player or the parents (although you'll hear it from them but that's another post) but from the coach. I'm as guilty of this as the next coach. It's almost a reflex for me by now. This weekend I caught myself and started really thinking about it.

I can shout quicker than the referee can get his whistle to his lips so it's a bit unfair because if the referee calls the foul there will be someone that says he gave it just because I shouted. If he doesn't then he knows I'm going to be upset because I've already indicated that I thought it was a foul.

At a certain level of play with experienced, adult referees then I don't

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