Different Scoring Methods

Small-Sided games are a great training tool used by most coaches. Most of the small-sided games I see used require each team to score in the same way.

Games like the ones below from Coaching Soccer Through Small-Sided Games are used by coaches at every level, all around the world.

The standard small-sided game has two teams playing on a small field between two goals.


This type of game will give each player more touches and allow you to focus them on specific aspects of attacking or defending.


This method of scoring can be used to encourage your players to dribble and beat a defender to enter the endzone. You can also use this same game to teach your players how to time their run to receive a ball behind the defenders among other topics.


A four goal game like this one can be used when you're working with your team on switching play.

Why not combine these games so that each team is working on a different aspect of the game? The games below are from Brazilian Training Games and show great ways to combine these methods.


Having one team attack a regular goal with a goalkeeper while the other team tries to dribble or pass into an endzone will provide different challenges for each team. I like to play 'make it take it' so that the teams change scoring methods after each goal. This adds a transitional element to the game that most coaches agree is very important.

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Here is another example. You can create any number of games depending what objectives you're trying to accomplish.

What combinations can you come up with and what would they focus on? Please share your ideas below.

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