Integrating Sprints Into Your Training Session

Few players enjoy sprints for conditioning.  However, if you turn it into a soccer related activity you can get them to work even harder and enjoy themselves while doing so.

Start with a keeper in goal, two cones 15 yards from the midfield line, a player on the line between the cones and a player with a ball at midfield.  There are a few players ready to replace the field players.

The player with the ball starts by passing to the player on the line.

The receiving player must touch the ball before it gets to the line.  The player must turn with the ball and go to goal.  The passer becomes the defender and tries to run the player down.

The dribbler must take the ball into the 18 before trying to shoot.

The players would then jog back and switch roles.

The player defending is making roughly a 40 yard sprint at full speed and then jogging back to become the attacker.  The attacker is dribbling at full speed approximately 30 yards and then jogging back to become the defender.  With the right number of players, they will have to rest while jogging and will get a lot of fitness in while working on passing, turning, dribbling, pursuing and finishing.

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