How To Deal With Lofted Balls

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Todays featured activity works on dealing with lofted balls.

Start with a keeper in goal and  a server 35-40 yards out with some balls.

To start, the server simply lofts balls into the box for the keeper to catch


The keeper should call for the ball each time and use proper technique to catch the ball high and early.

Next add a defender (same team as the keeper).  The server plays a ball in and if the keeper doesn’t call for the ball, the defender tries to win the ball

If the keeper does call for the ball, the defender gets out of his way and tries to get behind the keeper to provide coverage

This is trying to help the keeper understand that with proper communication, his job is much easier.

Next add an attacking player.

Now the keeper has to determine whether he can win the ball or wants the defender to try to clear the ball.  If he calls for the ball, the defender gets out of the way (and might try to keep the attacker away) and still provides coverage.

Gradually add more defenders and more attackers so the keeper starts to recreate their actions in a game situation.

Have a great day!


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