Goalkeeper Conditioning Exercises

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s topic deals with simple conditioning for keepers.

Frequently we try to complicate conditioning.  The more equipment we use, the better we think the activity is.  The reality is there are some simple ways for us to help keepers get better conditioned, quicker, faster and more explosive.

Close to 20 years ago I started doing different types of plyometrics.  These were jumping activities and could be done many different ways. If we want, we can make them even easier.

Let’s start with a keeper and a short hurdle (1-2 feet high).  The keeper stands with his feet perpendicular to the hurdle.

The keeper jumps sideways over the hurdle and as soon as he lands, he jumps back over again.  This continues for 1 minute.  The objective is to land and jump with no extra jumps or stops in between

Next do the same thing but have the keeper hopping on right foot only (this works on fitness, strength and balance)

Next do the same thing but have the keeper hopping on left foot only.

Next repeat these same things but now front to back

Do each of these activities with a 30-60 second break in between each one.

What if you don’t have a hurdle?  Simple, find something else. You can use a ball

You can use a cone

You can use anything that is available.  For many years, I never used real equipment so I never had cones, hurdles, coaching sticks etc.  Need a replacement for cones, use two water jugs.  Need a goal, use two bags.

With very little time and very little equipment you can help keepers get quicker, stronger, faster and more balanced

Have a great day!


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