Should I Focus on Conditioning or Technical/Tactical Training?

By Mike Saif

Question - I have just signed the contract with my new team to coach (B Caf license), I realize that the players physical condition is not good enough (18 year + for Premier league) and the first match of the league will take place in just 10 days. Should I proceed with conditioning considering intensity vs volume? or should I focus on technical/tactical work?

The modern game has moved on from the days of choosing to train either conditioning or technical/tactical work. The top teams and coaches now combine conditioning work with tactical/technical work. The main focus of each training session or part of a training session will depend on what stage of the season you are.

For instance, during pre-season or the early part of the season, the main focus might be the conditioning element but later in the season, the main focus would be the technical/tactical aspect and include enough conditioning to maintain fitness.

You can find lots of examples of conditioning exercises that combine a technical and/or tactical element by clicking the “Soccer Conditioning” link on the left menu. You can then adapt these to suit the type of tactical/technical work you want to do with your team and further adapt them to suit the age and skill level of your players.

By Mike Saif
Founder and President of WORLD CLASS COACHING, Mike has coached 12 State Championship teams and coached the 87G Dynamos to a USYS National Championship.

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