Game for Changing the Point of Attack

By Renato Lopez Moreira - 

This 10 v 10 game to work on changing the point of attack.

The game is played in a 50 x 35 yard area for 25 minutes.



The field will be divided into three areas. The team who is attacking cannot make more than three passes in the same area. They have to move the ball through the areas to organize the attack. The ball can leave one area and then return to the same area again. The Attackers exchange pass and switch the ball one area to the other until an opportunity to shoot is created.

The ball movement in this exercise must be fast, in order to make it difficult for the defense to organize.


The Defenders are only allowed to occupy two areas. They have to move fast inside the field to avoid leaving spaces for the Attackers.


If the ball is in the central area, the Defenders can all occupy the that area, leaving the side areas open. This strategy gives the Defense the chance to pressure the Attackers and restrict the space they have to play.

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If the ball goes to one side area, the Defenders occupy that area and also the central area, trying to limit the space the Attackers have to organize an attack.

The Defenders try to win the ball and counter attack. The transition in this exercise must be fast, in order to advantage of the defensive imbalances that are created.


  • Vary the initial number of players
  • Limit the number of ball touches per player, accelerating or slowing the pace of game
  • Limit the number of passes inside each area
  • Create offensive or defensive imbalance situations
  • Vary the game area dimensions
  • Free the Defender's movement, allowing them to occupy all three areas

By Renato Lopez Moreira - Author of Training Sessions for the 4-3-3


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