Footwork, Shot Blocking and Recovery

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on footwork, shotblocking and quick recovery.

This activity requires a keeper, a full sized goal, a cone, a server and a few balls. The keeper starts at one of the posts and the cone is set in the middle of the goal, four yards out. The server has some balls at the 12 yard spot.

The server plays a ball just inside of the cone (keeper side) and the keeper uses proper footwork to get across, dive and make the save.

The keeper then quickly gets to his feet and the next ball is hit to the far post.

The keeper again uses good footwork to get toward the ball, dives and makes the save

After making the second save, the keeper relaxes, returns the balls and then the same thing is done in the other direction.

This would be done five teams in each direction and is a great way to work on footwork, shotblocking and getting up quickly.

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