Explosiveness and Shot Blocking

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on explosiveness and shot blocking.

This activity works best with 6 hurdles (approximately 1 foot high) although it can be done with 3 or, if you don’t have access to hurdles, you can use cones, bags etc. One hurdle is set just inside the post and two more are two feet apart toward the middle. If you have 6 hurdles, do the same with the other three from the other post. There are two cones 3 yards apart in the middle of the top of the 6 yard box. A keeper starts just outside of one the posts and a server is inside the D with a ball.

The keeper jumps to the side and lands with both feet between the first two hurdles than immediately jumps again between the next two and then immediately jumps again toward the middle

The keeper then sprints forward, through the two cones.

As soon as the keeper makes it through the cones, the server shoots and tries to beat the keeper through the small goal made of the cones.

The keeper makes the save, returns the ball and then does the same thing from the other side.

The keeper would do this three times from each side and then rest.

Next the keeper would do the same thing but this time, instead of jumping over the hurdles with 2 feet, they just over with one foot instead, Again this is done 3 times from each side.

Next the keeper would do the same thing with the other foot.

This is a great excercise to work on explosiveness and shot blocking.

Have a great day

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