Finishing With Combination Play - First Step

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity is the first step in working on finishing with combination play.

Start with groups of 3’s spread out 30 yards from goal.  Each player has a ball.  A keeper is in goal.

Player 1 starts by dribbling toward the top of the 18, making a move and shooting on goal.

Player 1 follows the shot.

Next player 1 checks back toward player 3 who passes in to his feet.

Player 3 follows the ball and receives the ball back for a first time shot

Both players follow the shot.

Next one of the players checks back toward player 2 (player 2 can dictate this by calling a name) and the ball gets passes in.

Player 2 follows the pass and now we need a three person combination.  This could involve the ball being played back to the first passer who then finds the third player on a looping run for a first time shot.

Again, all players would follow the shot.

Next the second group would start and do the same thing.

This is just the first part of a progression building on finishing in groups.  To see the entire progression please check out the DVD Combination Play to Score

Have a great day!


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