Exercise To Improve GK Conditioning and Diving

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on footwork, fitness, diving and parrying.

Start with 2 cones 8 yards apart making up a goal.  A keeper starts at one cone and there is a server 12 yards out from each side.  A resting keeper is off to the side getting balls.

The keeper sprints across the goal toward the other cone.  The server he is facing plays a ball toward that corner of the goal

The keeper dives to make the save and either catches the ball or parry’s the ball wide


The keeper then gets up, sprints back to where he started, goes around that cone and does the same thing in the other direction

This is done for a one minute period then the keeper switches out with the resting keeper who starts right up.

Each keeper would do this for two one minute periods at full speed.

Have a great day!


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