Dribbling and Flair

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on dribbling, shielding and flair.

Start with a 25 yard in diameter circle.  Groups of 2’s are in the circle with one being on offense and the other being on defense.  There are players on the outside of the circle with balls.

The offensive players (in this case the black jerseys) check to a player on the outside and receive the pass.

This part of the activity is similar to many passing and receiving activities.  The thing that makes it different is once the player in the middle receives the ball they must maintain possession for 7 touches of the ball.  This can involve shielding, dribbling or any other legal method of keeping the ball.  Once they have made the minimum number of touches they must pass the ball back to the same player on the outside or to any of the other players on the outside who don’t have a ball.

The number of touches can be changed based on the players abilities.  You can also add required moves,feints, or any other restrictions you choose.

If the defender wins the ball, they try to maintain possession for the same number of touches and then pass it to the outside.

After a set number of attempts (5 works well) the players rotate so the passer becomes the defender, the defender becomes the attacker and the attacker becomes the passer.

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