Breaking Lines of Pressure

By Renato Lopez Moreira - 

This is a progression of the game from last week. It is played with three teams of six players. It can be played with fewer players on each team or using a neutral player if number divisible by three are not available.

The game area is 45 x 42 yards and the game is played in two 15 minute halves.


Two teams work to keep possession and one team defends.

The field is divided in three small ones: two fields for the attacking teams and one central zone for the defense.
Each field has six attackers that must stay in their area. The defence has two players in each area of the field to try and win the ball. The players in the central zone can intercept passes that are attempted through their area.

The attackers have to exchange passes between them trying to maintain possession. They have to complete a certain number of passes before make a long pass to the other field.


The Defenders must try to intercept a pass and keep possession in order to counter attack. If this happens, they have to make a long pass to the opposite field from where the ball was recovered.

When this long pass is made the teams who are attacking must change fields quickly. The transition in this exercise must be fast, in order create pressure on the team in possession.


The team who lost possession start defending immediately with the players in the field where the ball is.

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  • You can vary the number of initial passes before the long pass;
  • You can limit the number of ball touches per player, accelerating or slowing the pace of game;
  • You can vary the initial number of attackers increasing or decreasing;
  • You can vary the initial number of defenders increasing or decreasing;
  • You can vary the size of game area, increasing or decreasing it;
  • You can free the movimentation of the attackers, allowing they to change through the fields

By Renato Lopez Moreira - Author of Training Sessions for the 4-3-3


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