Attacking the Barcelona Way - Passing Exercise

We have a great new video series called Attacking the Barcelona Way. These are new style "Tactical Analysis" videos. You won't see usual "old school" type footage with players demonstrating drills and exercises. 

These videos go much deeper and include actual real game footage, where the coach analyses the tactics, breaks down movement, sequences, combinations, goals, etc. and then describes training sessions you can do to help train your team to produce the same style of play. Also included is an eBook of all the training sessions covered in the video.  Here is part of the eBook from the first video that takes a look at a passing exercise.  The eBook shows more progressions of this exercise as well as lots more exercises that appear in the videos.  For more info on the Attacking the Barcelona Way videos and eBook, click this link.


Attacking the Barcelona Way - Passing Exercise

In this exercise we look at a player with his back to goal receiving under pressure from a tight marker from behind.

The defender is passive, but must pressure the player so it is realistic.


• Player 1 passes to Player 2
• Player 2 moves towards the ball
• A passive defender Player 3 pressures from behind
• Player 2 turns and passes to Player 4
• Player 4 moves to the ball and passes Player 5
• Player 5 moves to the side to show for the ball

Every component can be coached

• Passing quality
• First touch
• The turn method
• The longer pass
• Timing of movement
• Body shape

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