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Transitioning From Indoor to Outdoor Soccer

While much of what I do during the Futsal season is intended relate to soccer in general and not just Futsal, there is still an adjustment period that my teams go through when we move from indoor to outdoor. The two areas that I focus on during the transition are recognizing and playing longer passes and finishing with a different ball, on the larger goal.

Shooting sessions to prepare the players for the different

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To Come Off Your Line or Stay Back?

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on communication, tactical awareness and foot skills.

This activity involves balls played beyond the last defender and the keeper having to make a decision regarding coming out for the ball, staying back, playing safe or retaining possession.

To start, have a keeper in goal, a server at midfield with some balls and a line of players who will represent backs on the keepers team.

To start the server plays a ball somewhere between the back and

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