Soccer Stability – Medicine Ball 1/4 Leg Squat (Juggle)

Coaches assume that a player has hip stability prior to running onto the field. However, you will regularly find your players are unstable. This is a more advanced stability drill, but it is a good one for you to try with your players to help with their stability and balance: MB – 1/4 Leg Squat (Juggle).

-    Establish stability in the ankle, knee and hip joint, by attempting to put the athlete off-balance with a moving object.
Coaching Cues:
-    Quarter squat position (Knee behind the toes of support leg).
-    Straighten the arm each time.
-    One foot only in contact with the ground.
-    Standing on one foot adopt a quarter squat stance.
-    Holding a Medicine Ball, out in the hand opposite, extend the arm to it's full length.
-    Maintaining the quarter squat stance, pass the medicine ball from one hand to the other, making sure to extend the arm to it's full length each time.
-    Repeat on the other leg.

Athletic Focus – This exercise is a medium level static stabilisation drill. I am sure you can imagine doing the same thing with a soccer ball – juggling with your feet. However, please note a heavy medicine ball going side to side is meant to stress the hip stabilizers to make it physically harder to balance. That is the purpose of resistance training is to overload your system, so that regular sports drills like juggling a soccer ball will be regarded as easy.

Click here to watch a video of this drill.

Stewart Briggs, BHMS, M.Ed., C.S.C.S, PSP
Managing Director at Acceleration
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