Professional Youth Academy Training Sessions

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Professional Youth Academy Training Sessions

In this book, Saif shares with you the training sessions he uses with his Academy teams. Over the years, Saif has refined his coaching sessions to reflect what he has learned from his association with these coaches and also to reflect the developments of the modern game. Through his many years of experience, he has been able to keep what works and eliminated what doesn't. What remains are some of the most creative, inspired and innovative training sessions available.

Inside you will find actual training sessions on the following topics: Warm-Ups; Technical & Possession; Defending; Heading; Wing Play & Forwards; Midfield Play and Goalkeeping. Some sessions are more technique related and functional, while others are more team related and tactical in nature.

Whether you coach a youth, high school, college or professional team, this book will be, without doubt, a great addition to your library.

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