High Intensity Shooting and Conditioning Drill

By Danny Carvalho -

This small sided game was designed to make players keep a very high intensity throughout the rounds playing.

Set up
In an approximately 35x25 yards field, have one regular size goal in one end and two mini-goals at the other end, with as many balls as possible outside the mini goals end line and inside the regular sized goal.

Black team is the attacking team, defending is the yellow, red team is the waiting team, goalkeeper in green and coach in purple.

Each round goes for no longer than 90 seconds. If the black team scores, yellows are eliminated and the red team jumps in right away as defenders.

If the yellow team scores on the mini goals or the round reaches the 90 seconds, they quickly become attackers as the black team is eliminated, and the red team jumps in right away as defenders. When teams are eliminated, they run to the goal line to wait for their next turn.

Play for as long as players are in good shape and the game is competitive. Monitor their fatigue and watch for signs of unwellness. Players are definitely going to be working a lot, putting on a great deal of effort while having fun and playing the game!

By Danny Carvalho, DOC at Corinthians Campinas Youth Club,  Brasil

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