Transitioning and Sprinting Drills

By Danny Carvalho -

This transition and sprinting drill is awesome to increase your players speed in a realistic game situation activity which is much more motivating than perform a number of sprints out of context.

Set up
In a small-sided field of about 65x40 yards, set cones side to side in a line at very middle of the field, having four attackers (black jersey, blue cone) and two defenders (yellow jersey, yellow cone).
Coach has at least two balls in the very middle.

On coach’s command, all players must sprint towards one of the goals as the coach sends a pass to one of the wide players to send a cross into the box for one of their teammates to attempt a goal.

As soon as the play is finished, coach sends a second pass to the opposite goal, forcing players to sprint to an even bigger distance and quickly transitioning.

Make sure to give players proper rest after each round as this is a drill that demands efforts of 100% of players speed capacity at every second!
It works greatly when you have a full group session with about 18 players as you need six player per round. This gives them one round working hard per two rounds off, in recovery.

By Danny Carvalho, DOC at Corinthians Campinas Youth Club,  Brasil

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